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Track Name: Return of the Red Jacket
Track Name: $teph, Wants Surfer Dude!
Track Name: $teph, Need$ the American Dream
I think I am satisfied
Track Name: Bail Out the Spielberger Brothers (2008)
"I am a charisite, I am a rare site"
"I made some investments in 2008"
"We are 2 big 2 fail, we are 2 big 2 fail, this is the new drug go inhale"
"Everyone grab their nuts and rub them on the floor"
Track Name: Anti Bush Douche Bag
Track Name: Con$ume! Consume! Consume!
But when dspielbs is right, he is right, aint no reason to fight.
So let me break down the mystery of the American marketplace
A place that never had much taste
It has evolved from an early 20th century industrial society
Dedicated to a supposedly “American” propriety
Into a 21st century monster filled with anxiety
Over a debt filled crisis caused by a country
That thought it was a modern day king mitis

Consumerism is at all time high
Production is at an all time low
Both things caused by prezies who liked to wear bolos!
A lesson that was thought learned in the twenties
Was ignored by an evil ass motherfucker
Whose smile was composed of confetti
A man made out of Teflon
Who loved to drop bombs
Voodoo economics is what they called it
Too bad those democratic bitches couldn’t stall it
But thanks to the eighties our babies are going crazy
Just cause a bunch of rich bitches
Were too greedy and selfish to tighten up their britches

Started buying that Perrier
Cause the elite were too scared
To drink from the same water as those who were impaired
Crack took over the streets
Cause the man in the house let Wall Street cheat

Hey girl, how would you like to consume
Treat our economy as if it was a nick toon?
Lets just spend and bend till our hearts break the trend
No need to check the price, our try to buy domestic kites
We don’t need any American weed
Lets just outsource the working force
Don’t worry, cause the government said
We are on the right course

So don’t change yo habits
No need to break out the cabbage
Im certain the market will hit that boom
All YOU need to do
Is continue to consume
Track Name: El Arbol De La Vida
Adam lay with his wife Eve, and she became pregnant and gave birth to Cain. She said, "With the help of the LORD I have brought forth a man."